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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


  • BROWN PISS "Consumer Decay" tape (2019) Jason Hodges solo. Churning harsh noise, rhythmic contact mic crashes, layered effects loops, paranoid vocals,  apocalyptic flutes. cnpr-66

  • BROWN PISS "Pissmosis" tape (2019) 7 tracks of the most synth-driven BP material so far!!! Dripping wet drum machine beats and outer-space synth. cnpr-65

  • MUTWAWA "Detestations" tape (2018) 1st MUTWAWA release since 2014. Their harshest release to date. cnpr-64

  • SUPPRESSION/ FLVX CAPACITOR split tape (2018) VA experimental noisegrind meets brutal sci-fi grindcore from Indiana. cnpr-6

  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "We Shadow Forth" cassette (2018) New full length cassette by this long running Richmond 3-piece. Heavy lurching synth, big percussion, freaky sax, and fucked in the head vocals from members of Suppression, Hallelujah!, etc. cnpr-62

  • OOZING MEAT/ TWIN APERTURE "Tour Tape 2018" cassette, VA noisecore meets NY harsh noise wall. cnpr-61 

  • SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" LP (2018) first ever full length Suppression 12 inch record. 73 tracks. cnpr-60 

  • SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" cassette (2018) the full LP on tape for the tapeheads. cnpr-60 

  • GORMANDIZING ORDURE "Tribute To FARTMONSTER" tape (2018) 200 track gorenoise tribute to 90s shitnoise FARTMONSTER. cnpr-59 

  • OOZING MEAT "Rawhead" cassette (2017) 452 tracks gore obsessed noisecore/ harsh noise. cnpr-58 

  • SHAME/ BROWN PISS split tape (2017) solo VA artists industrial noise/ outsider electronics. Art by Garbage Pail Kids artist and YOGA DEMON, Joey Fitchett. cnpr-57 

  • OOZING MEAT/ HUMAN JERKY split tape (2017) VA noisecore meets Canadian goregrind.  cnpr-56 

  • CREEPING/ BROWN PISS/ FAKE OBJECT/ FLOOD BEAST 4-way split (2017) double cassette, book pack. east coast noise. cnpr-55 

  • SUPPRESSION/ SULFURIC CAUTERY split tape (2017) VA noise-violence meets Ohio gory grindcore. cnpr-54 

  • GORMANDIZING ORDURE "phlebotomist sessions" tape (2017) solo VA gorenoise 

  • OOZING MEAT "Splatter High" cassette (2017) noisecore laced with gore movie samples/ tape manipulations. cnpr-53 

  • SUPPRESSION/ LANDFILL split tape (2017) VA duo meets brutal Ohio grindcore w/ Andy- Capt. 3 Leg on vocals. cnpr-52 

  • OOZING MEAT/ HYPNIC JERK split tape (2017) Virginia and Michigan, blown out noisecore and noise from both. cnpr-51 

  • CREEPING "Dissipation" tape (2017) Providence RI/ Richmond VA harsh noise, Shallow Waters/ Immaculate:Grotesque. cnpr-50 

  • LUGWEIGHT "Dealer" cassette (2017) Brooklyn, NY guitar-drone, tape manipulation, electronics, ghost vocals. cnpr-49 

  • OOZING MEAT "the 424 tracks cassette" (2016) black book pack cover, 1st release with 2-piece line up. cnpr-48 

  • RECTAL PUS "Video Violence" tape (2016) with "Fuck Everything" (Cadaverizer, 2016) on B-side. 1995 noisecore punk shit, hilarious samples. cnpr-47 

  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Haunted Asteroid" cassette (2016) sci-fi, percussion, saxophone, junk electronics weirdness. cnpr-46 

  • OOZING MEAT "Societal Prolapse" tape (2016) 1st OM release, 1-man shitnoisecore deche-charge/ meat shits worship. cnpr-45 

  • SUPPRESSION "Oblivion Riders" cassette (2016) 35 tracks noisecore/ mutant hardcore. cnpr-44 

  • BROWN PISS "Drain" cassette (2016) harshnoise, sci-fi/ horror scores, weird electronics, gorenoise. cnpr-43 

  • SUPPRESSION/ ENERGUMENO split tape (2016) VA duo meets Spain noisecore Genital Masticator, Jangle, Potabilizadora members. cnpr-42 

  • LIMBS BIN/ PISS JUNKIE split tape (2016) Massachusetts and New York. solo noiseblast electronics go head to head. pun intended. cnpr-41 

  • BROWN PISS "Transection Of Bowel" cassette (2015) 59 tracks, solo gorenoise. cnpr-40 

  • SUPPRESSION "Rats In The Control Room" cassette (2015) 23 tracks, return to fast, noisegrind hell. cnpr-39 

  • BROWN PISS "Maggot Shack" cassette (2015) harshnoise, horror synth, dripping electronics, contact mic crashes. cnpr-38 

  • DAGGERING "Bad Mon Rising" cassette (2015) east coast super group (Scant, Flood Beast, Dyrt, Thieves of Shiloh). cnpr-37 

  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Insectoid" cassette (2015) sci-fi, sax and drums, no wave worship. cnpr-36 

  • FLOOD BEAST/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA solo harsh noise/ weirdo electronics. cnpr-35 

  • PCRV/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Montana harsh noise legend Matt Taggart and Jason Hodges solo noise. cnpr-34 

  • LIMBS BIN/ KUSARI GAMA KILL/ TACOMANIACX "The Sun Has Fallen" 3-way split tape (2015) noise from around the world. cnpr-33 

  • FACIALMESS/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Japan's Kenny Sanderson, legendary cut-up harsh noise/ VA rhythmic noise. cnpr-31 

  • HEAD MOLT "Piss Majik" cassette (2014) Virginia, solo industrial synth electronics/ sound collage/ beat samples. cnpr-29 

  • BROWN PISS/ PISS JUNKIE split tape (2014) solo creeps from VA and NY. brutal!! cnpr-28

  • MUTWAWA "Subterrestrial Creeps" cassette (2014) Virginia industrial, basement electronics, world radio,noise duo. cnpr-25 

  • MUTWAWA "Lamashtu Pazuzu" cassette (2012) Dance-floor sacrifices. harsh noise and electro collide. cnpr-24 

  • "KILLER WORKOUT MIX" CD compilation (2008) w/ Tickley Feather, Narwhalz, Shams, Buck Gooter, The Yes Sirs, Bermuda Triangles, Suppression, The Amoeba Men, Big Eats, Insomniacrobats, Leper Colony, Hallelujah!, and more!!! Weird shit. cnpr-16

  • TICKLEY FEATHER/ BERMUDA TRIANGLES split 7 inch record (2007) solo VA artists, lo-fi minimal experimental pop meets bedroom electro trash. cnpr-12 

  • THE YES SIRS "Dos Locos" LP (2006) 12 inch record (Adam Perry- Enemy Soil/ P.C.P. Roadblock and Jason Hodges) drums, electronics, vocals, heavy weirdness cnpr-10 

  •  "SUPERSONIC SOUNDS FROM THE FUCK YOU MOVEMENT" CD compilation, (2001) Bastard Noise, Crank Sturgeon, P.C.P. Roadblock,Suppression,Rectal Pus, Irreversible Neural Damage and many more + prank phone calls. cnpr-3  


  • RECTAL PUS "Fuck Roanoke" demo #1 tape (1993) 1st ever C.N.P. release. B-side contains tracks from S.L.C. split CNP-1 

  • SUPPRESSION "demo #1" tape (1993) 1st Suppression release. also contains unreleased 1st recording + bonus tracks. CNP-2 

  • EXPENDABLE CITIZEN "first demo + unreleased sessions 1993-1995" tape. R.I.P. Bill Mahone. dedicated to our friend. CNP-3 

  • RECTAL PUS/ L.O.C. split tape (1993) Roanoke, VA noisecore meets Weymouth, MA solo-bedroom noise-electro-death. CNP-4 

  • "AUDIO TERRORISM" compilation tape (1994) 90 min. 41 bands! tons of legendary 90s grind,noisecore,noise,hc/punk. CNP-7 

  • "EVOLUTION OF THE MUTANT SPECIES" comp. tape (1995) Suppression,Think Shit,Sonic Disorder,Grunt,Shadowed Veil,Expendable Citizen,Praparation-H. CNP-11 

  • RECTAL PUS "Mr. T's Nudist Colony" 7 inch record (1995) recorded drunk in real studio.sloppy improv noisecore/punk. CNP-16 

  • "EARFULL OF SHIT" comp. tape (1995) Soiled,Rectal Pus,Agoraphobic Nosebleed,Excreted Alive,Eunuch,Hermit, Psychoneurosis,Brutal Defecation. CNP-17 

  • SUPPRESSION/ RECTAL PUS/ EL KASO URKIJO 3-way split tape (1996) 90 minutes of grindcore/ noisecore. classic shit. CNP-19 

  • THE EARWIGS "Gyngerella" cassette (1996) legendary sci-fi-noise from the BIZARRE CHARLIE ALIEN!!! 60 minutes!!! CNP-21 

  • F.A.G.G.O.T. Liberation Orchestra "At War With Noisecore" tape (1996) Anti-homophobia bi-coastal noisecore recorded live on KFJC. CNP-22 

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