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Friday, March 27, 2020


coming soon: SUPPRESSION "Fractured Landscape" cassette EP 112 tracks

  • SOAKED IN PISS/ GORMANDIZING ORDURE split tape (2020) c-10 of NY 2- piece grindcore and solo VA gorenoise from Jason. (cnpr-72)
  • MASTICATED POLYPS "Intestines Stuffed With Intestines" cassette EP (2020) hyper fast, soaking wet goregrind, Isaac from Sulfuric Cautery & Jason from Suppression. co-released with Blast Addict. (cnpr-71)
  • SIDETRACKED/ SUPPRESSION split tape (2020) cassette version of the 7 inch released on To Live A Lie, pro-dubbed, limited to 50 copies. (cnpr-70)
  • "EARDRILL" - BEGGIN FOR OXYS/ EYE GAG/ COKE NAIL/ OOZING MEAT 4 way split tape (2020) noisecore/ noisegrind apocalypse, pro-dubbed, limited to 69 copies. (cnpr-69)
  • KYLE FLANAGAN/ BROWN PISS split tape (2020) solo, psychedelic noise scum from both artists, pro-dubbed, limited to 50 copies. cnpr-68
  • SCAB ADDICT/ OOZING MEAT split tape (2019) Ithaca, NY/ Richmond, VA VHS big box inspired noisecore insanity!! Limited to 50 copies pro-dubbed. cnpr-67
  • BROWN PISS/ ONDREY ZINTAER split tape (2019) Slovakian release, we have copies for sale in the states. Outlandish harsh noise from both projects.
  • BROWN PISS "Consumer Decay" tape (2019) Jason Hodges solo. Churning harsh noise, rhythmic contact mic crashes, layered effects loops, paranoid vocals,  apocalyptic flutes. cnpr-66
  • BROWN PISS "Pissmosis" tape (2019) 7 tracks of the most synth-driven BP material so far!!! Dripping wet drum machine beats and outer-space synth. cnpr-65
  • MUTWAWA "Detestations" tape (2018) 1st MUTWAWA release since 2014. Their harshest release to date. cnpr-64
  • SUPPRESSION/ FLVX CAPACITOR split tape (2018) VA experimental noisegrind meets brutal sci-fi grindcore from Indiana. cnpr-6
  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "We Shadow Forth" cassette (2018) New full length cassette by this long running Richmond 3-piece. Heavy lurching synth, big percussion, freaky sax, and fucked in the head vocals from members of Suppression, Hallelujah!, etc. cnpr-62
  • OOZING MEAT/ TWIN APERTURE "Tour Tape 2018" cassette, VA noisecore meets NY harsh noise wall. cnpr-61 
  • SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" LP (2018) first ever full length Suppression 12 inch record. 73 tracks. cnpr-60 
  • SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" cassette (2018) the full LP on tape for the tapeheads. cnpr-60 
  • GORMANDIZING ORDURE "Tribute To FARTMONSTER" tape (2018) 200 track gorenoise tribute to 90s shitnoise FARTMONSTER. cnpr-59 
  • OOZING MEAT "Rawhead" cassette (2017) 452 tracks gore obsessed noisecore/ harsh noise. cnpr-58 
  • SHAME/ BROWN PISS split tape (2017) solo VA artists industrial noise/ outsider electronics. Art by Garbage Pail Kids artist and YOGA DEMON, Joey Fitchett. cnpr-57 
  • OOZING MEAT/ HUMAN JERKY split tape (2017) VA noisecore meets Canadian goregrind.  cnpr-56 
  • CREEPING/ BROWN PISS/ FAKE OBJECT/ FLOOD BEAST 4-way split (2017) double cassette, book pack. east coast noise. cnpr-55 
  • SUPPRESSION/ SULFURIC CAUTERY split tape (2017) VA noise-violence meets Ohio gory grindcore. cnpr-54 
  • GORMANDIZING ORDURE "phlebotomist sessions" tape (2017) solo VA gorenoise 
  • OOZING MEAT "Splatter High" cassette (2017) noisecore laced with gore movie samples/ tape manipulations. cnpr-53 
  • SUPPRESSION/ LANDFILL split tape (2017) VA duo meets brutal Ohio grindcore w/ Andy- Capt. 3 Leg on vocals. cnpr-52 
  • OOZING MEAT/ HYPNIC JERK split tape (2017) Virginia and Michigan, blown out noisecore and noise from both. cnpr-51 
  • CREEPING "Dissipation" tape (2017) Providence RI/ Richmond VA harsh noise, Shallow Waters/ Immaculate:Grotesque. cnpr-50 
  • LUGWEIGHT "Dealer" cassette (2017) Brooklyn, NY guitar-drone, tape manipulation, electronics, ghost vocals. cnpr-49 
  • OOZING MEAT "the 424 tracks cassette" (2016) black book pack cover, 1st release with 2-piece line up. cnpr-48 
  • RECTAL PUS "Video Violence" tape (2016) with "Fuck Everything" (Cadaverizer, 2016) on B-side. 1995 noisecore punk shit, hilarious samples. cnpr-47 
  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Haunted Asteroid" cassette (2016) sci-fi, percussion, saxophone, junk electronics weirdness. cnpr-46 
  • OOZING MEAT "Societal Prolapse" tape (2016) 1st OM release, 1-man shitnoisecore deche-charge/ meat shits worship. cnpr-45 
  • SUPPRESSION "Oblivion Riders" cassette (2016) 35 tracks noisecore/ mutant hardcore. cnpr-44 
  • BROWN PISS "Drain" cassette (2016) harshnoise, sci-fi/ horror scores, weird electronics, gorenoise. cnpr-43 
  • SUPPRESSION/ ENERGUMENO split tape (2016) VA duo meets Spain noisecore Genital Masticator, Jangle, Potabilizadora members. cnpr-42 
  • LIMBS BIN/ PISS JUNKIE split tape (2016) Massachusetts and New York. solo noiseblast electronics go head to head. pun intended. cnpr-41 
  • BROWN PISS "Transection Of Bowel" cassette (2015) 59 tracks, solo gorenoise. cnpr-40 
  • SUPPRESSION "Rats In The Control Room" cassette (2015) 23 tracks, return to fast, noisegrind hell. cnpr-39 
  • BROWN PISS "Maggot Shack" cassette (2015) harshnoise, horror synth, dripping electronics, contact mic crashes. cnpr-38 
  • DAGGERING "Bad Mon Rising" cassette (2015) east coast super group (Scant, Flood Beast, Dyrt, Thieves of Shiloh). cnpr-37 
  • BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Insectoid" cassette (2015) sci-fi, sax and drums, no wave worship. cnpr-36 
  • FLOOD BEAST/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA solo harsh noise/ weirdo electronics. cnpr-35 
  • PCRV/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Montana harsh noise legend Matt Taggart and Jason Hodges solo noise. cnpr-34 
  • LIMBS BIN/ KUSARI GAMA KILL/ TACOMANIACX "The Sun Has Fallen" 3-way split tape (2015) noise from around the world. cnpr-33 
  • FACIALMESS/ BROWN PISS split tape (2015) Japan's Kenny Sanderson, legendary cut-up harsh noise/ VA rhythmic noise. cnpr-31 
  • HEAD MOLT "Piss Majik" cassette (2014) Virginia, solo industrial synth electronics/ sound collage/ beat samples. cnpr-29 
  • BROWN PISS/ PISS JUNKIE split tape (2014) solo creeps from VA and NY. brutal!! cnpr-28
  • MUTWAWA "Subterrestrial Creeps" cassette (2014) Virginia industrial, basement electronics, world radio,noise duo. cnpr-25 
  • MUTWAWA "Lamashtu Pazuzu" cassette (2012) Dance-floor sacrifices. harsh noise and electro collide. cnpr-24 
  • "KILLER WORKOUT MIX" CD compilation (2008) w/ Tickley Feather, Narwhalz, Shams, Buck Gooter, The Yes Sirs, Bermuda Triangles, Suppression, The Amoeba Men, Big Eats, Insomniacrobats, Leper Colony, Hallelujah!, and more!!! Weird shit. cnpr-16
  • TICKLEY FEATHER/ BERMUDA TRIANGLES split 7 inch record (2007) solo VA artists, lo-fi minimal experimental pop meets bedroom electro trash. cnpr-12 
  • THE YES SIRS "Dos Locos" LP (2006) 12 inch record (Adam Perry- Enemy Soil/ P.C.P. Roadblock and Jason Hodges) drums, electronics, vocals, heavy weirdness cnpr-10 
  •  "SUPERSONIC SOUNDS FROM THE FUCK YOU MOVEMENT" CD compilation, (2001) Bastard Noise, Crank Sturgeon, P.C.P. Roadblock,Suppression,Rectal Pus, Irreversible Neural Damage and many more + prank phone calls. cnpr-3  


  • RECTAL PUS "Fuck Roanoke" demo #1 tape (1993) 1st ever C.N.P. release. B-side contains tracks from S.L.C. split CNP-1 
  • SUPPRESSION "demo #1" tape (1993) 1st Suppression release. also contains unreleased 1st recording + bonus tracks. CNP-2 
  • EXPENDABLE CITIZEN "first demo + unreleased sessions 1993-1995" tape. R.I.P. Bill Mahone. dedicated to our friend. CNP-3 
  • RECTAL PUS/ L.O.C. split tape (1993) Roanoke, VA noisecore meets Weymouth, MA solo-bedroom noise-electro-death. CNP-4 
  • "AUDIO TERRORISM" compilation tape (1994) 90 min. 41 bands! tons of legendary 90s grind,noisecore,noise,hc/punk. CNP-7 
  • "EVOLUTION OF THE MUTANT SPECIES" comp. tape (1995) Suppression,Think Shit,Sonic Disorder,Grunt,Shadowed Veil,Expendable Citizen,Praparation-H. CNP-11 
  • RECTAL PUS "Mr. T's Nudist Colony" 7 inch record (1995) recorded drunk in real studio.sloppy improv noisecore/punk. CNP-16 
  • "EARFULL OF SHIT" comp. tape (1995) Soiled,Rectal Pus,Agoraphobic Nosebleed,Excreted Alive,Eunuch,Hermit, Psychoneurosis,Brutal Defecation. CNP-17 
  • SUPPRESSION/ RECTAL PUS/ EL KASO URKIJO 3-way split tape (1996) 90 minutes of grindcore/ noisecore. classic shit. CNP-19 
  • THE EARWIGS "Gyngerella" cassette (1996) legendary sci-fi-noise from the BIZARRE CHARLIE ALIEN!!! 60 minutes!!! CNP-21 
  • F.A.G.G.O.T. Liberation Orchestra "At War With Noisecore" tape (1996) Anti-homophobia bi-coastal noisecore recorded live on KFJC. CNP-22 

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020

    SUPPRESSION/ SIDETRACKED split tape OUT NOW (cnpr-70)

    The cassette version of the Suppression/ Sidetracked split, recently released as a 7 inch on TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS, is now available on C.N.P. Pro-dubbed and limited to 50 copies.

    Price including shipping

    Friday, January 31, 2020

    "EARDRILL" - BEGGIN FOR OXYS, EYE GAG, COKE NAIL, OOZING MEAT 4 way split tape (cnpr-69)

    A noisecore/ noisegrind apocalypse!! BEGGIN FOR OXYS (Toronto, ON), EYE GAG (Chicago, IL), COKE NAIL (Scranton, PA), OOZING MEAT (Richmond, VA) Pro-dubbed C-20 limited to 69 copies, as it is C.N.P. catalog number cnpr- 69. EARDRILL!!!!!
    Cover illustration by Jason Hodges

    Price including shipping

    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    MASTICATED POLYPS "Intestines Stuffed With Intestines" Tape (cnpr-71)

    Disgusting bass & drums, vomit vocals goregrind from SULFURIC CAUTERY & SUPPRESSION members. Cassette EP with same program on both sides. Cover illustration by Jason, layout by Isaac.

    Price including shipping

    Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    SOAKED IN PISS/ GORMANDIZING ORDURE split tape (cnpr-72)

    SOAKED IN PISS (2-piece grindcore unit from Brooklyn, NY)/ GORMANDIZING ORDURE (Jason Hodges solo gorenoise from Richmond, VA) A punishing c-10. Guttural vocals, dissonant guitars, and spastic blasts from SxIxPx and gore-soaked filth from GxOx

    Price including shipping

    Sunday, December 29, 2019

    KYLE FLANAGAN /// BROWN PISS split tape OUT NOW (cnpr-68)

    pro-dubbed c-20, limited to 50 copies. solo scum. Kyle Flanagan conjures a ten minute nightmare of cold, callous synths that morph into hideous textures and haunting sub-bass frequencies. Backed up by skittering, crunching scrap metal and insectoid, crackling. Brown Piss is Jason Hodges of Suppression, Oozing Meat, etc. Ten minutes in two tracks of (in Kyle's words) "horror drenched bass drum rattles and panning japanoise style blasts." I highly recommend listening to both sides of this tape through headphones in the dark. Cover illustration & design by Jason. Digital version here.

    Price including shipping

    Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    BROWN PISS/ ONDREY ZINTAER split tape now available!!!

    ONDREY ZINTAER (Slovakia) meets BROWN PISS (Richmond, VA). This was recently released in Slovakia by Ondrey Zintaer (overseas orders please refer to him). We've just received our copies to be distributed in the U.S.A. This C-20 of harsh noise and outlandish soundscapes will be available for a special price of $5 postage paid while supplies last. Cover illustration by Jason Hodges (Brown Piss), with the layout by both Jason and Ondrey Zintaer.

    Friday, November 1, 2019

    SCAB ADDICT/ OOZING MEAT split tape OUT NOW!!! (cnpr-67)

    Limited to 50 copies. In collaboration with MAYBE IT'S ART, this release has been in the making for quite a while. Ithaca, NY noisecore cabal SCAB ADDICT (brutal as fuck bass/ drums/ VHS insanity) meets Richmond, VA noisecore duo, OOZING MEAT (drum machine/ noise spew)!!! This release marks a turning point for C.N.P. as it's our first pro-dubbed release. Cover illustrations by Jason Hodges, inspired by classic VHS big box horror covers. Digital version HERE. Get weird while supplies last!!

    Price including shipping

    Thursday, September 26, 2019

    SUPPRESSION/ MELLOW HARSHER split 7 inch on MALOKUL and 625

    I've been meaning to post this for a while now. A couple of months ago our friends at MALOKUL & 625 released a split 7 inch with Suppression and the mighty MELLOW HARSHER!!! What made this collaboration of friends even more special is the fact that the cover artwork was illustrated by the legendary MORBID MARK!!!!!
    Physical 7 inch copies at the MALOKUL site available here.
    Suppression T Shirt with MORBID MARK artwork available here.

    Thursday, June 27, 2019


    We're leaving for this tomorrow morning!! Any orders received during this time will be shipped out shortly after our return. Thanks!!!!

    Monday, February 11, 2019

    BROWN PISS "Consumer Decay" cassette (cnpr-66)

    Churning harsh noise, rhythmic contact mic crashes, layered effects loops, paranoid vocals,  apocalyptic flutes. 

    Price with shipping

    Thursday, January 31, 2019

    BROWN PISS "Pissmosis" cassette OUT NOW!!!

    BROWN PISS "Pissmosis" cassette, 7 tracks of the most synth-driven BP material so far!!! Dripping wet drum machine beats and outer-space synth. Digital version is here!!
    Price with shipping

    Monday, November 5, 2018

    MUTWAWA "Detestations" cassette

    This is the first MUTWAWA release since 2014. We've slowly been working on a full length release since then and it's getting closer to being finished. In the meantime, here's a very harsh improv session recorded live at Auxiliary on March 25th 2016. Side A Detestations Part 1. Side B Detestations Part 2. Digital version here.
    Price including shipping

    Tuesday, October 23, 2018


    OUT NOW!!!! Split tape with sci-fi, grindcore mutants, FLVX CAPACITOR from Indiana and SUPPRESSION from Virginia!!! 27 tracks from FLVX and 31 tracks from Suppression (9 of the tracks are from the "Placebo Reality" sessions). Full color cover/ fold out mini poster on the front side and black and white insert on the inside that includes all of the lyrics from both bands.
    Price with shipping

    Monday, September 24, 2018

    BERMUDA TRIANGLES "We Shadow Forth" cassette

    The BTs 3-piece have been laying low for the past couple of years, only surfacing a few times for some, low-key, live performances. Since the release of "Haunted Asteroid" in 2016, the Richmond, VA trio have been taking time to write and rework their sound. "We Shadow Forth" features 10 tracks of this material, with more songs to be released in the near future. Lurching synths, "dawn of human" saxophone, tripped out vocals, unholy shrieking, gargantuan drums/ percussion, and scratchy DIY electronics produce a psychedelic, sci-fi fever dream from beyond the beyond. Cover illustrations by Jason. We'll have copies available locally (Richmond, VA) when we open for GUERILLA TOSS on October 26th at Gallery 5. Digital version of the cassette can be found here.
    Each tape comes with a free BTs "Orson Welles design" button

    Price with shipping

    Monday, August 6, 2018

    RECTAL PUS "Mr. T's Nudist Colony" 7 inch (1995) copies available

    Scotty Pus (Rectal Pus guitarist) recently sent me a box of these, long out of print, 7 inches!!!! So, copies are available while supplies last!!! Recorded in 1995. This record is the only time Rectal Pus ever recorded in a real studio and one of the few times that all 5 members were featured. A totally absurd blend of noisecore and hardcore punk!!
    Price with shipping

    Monday, July 2, 2018


    133 untitled tracks from Oozing Meat and one untitled track from New York's Twin Aperture. A cold, bleak fuck you. Free download here
    Price including shipping

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" LP digital version now available

    Wednesday, April 25, 2018

    SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" cassette version of the LP

    Cassette version is now also available!!!!

    Price with shipping

    Sunday, April 15, 2018

    SUPPRESSION "Placebo Reality" 12 inch LP OUT NOW!!!!!

    First ever full length Suppression LP, "Placebo Reality" is now available for mail order!!! 73 tracks recorded by the band!!! Black vinyl and gatefold cover. Cassette and digital versions available soon....

    Price with shipping