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C.N.P. Records

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DAGGERING "Bad Mon Rising" cassette OUT NOW!!!!!

OUT NOW!!!! The very first release from this, once RVA based, noise-dub-trip-metal supergroup!!!! The members are now scattered around the upper east coast. This was recorded and mixed by JK during a late night session at Strange Matter, while the club was closed. Eric Trude was kind enough to master the recording. Four far-out tracks to burn to, and they're on weed green tapes!!! You know these dudes, simply dubbed here as Jruss, MB, Tron, and JK. Catch them soon in RVA, if you can, at this year's CHEAP FEST VI on Oct. 23rd or at THE EXTRAVAGANZA FEST, also here in Richmond, with WOLF EYES,
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

MUTWAWA "Radiation Radio" Live at Strange Matter 9-6-15

We had the honor and privilege to open up for PSYCHIC TV last week!!! Mitch Kirsner filmed one of our songs and posted it. Thanks Mitch!!! I should also mention that we recorded this song at Auxiliary last night for our next release....