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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BROWN PISS/ FLOOD BEAST split tape, with art by BILL PORTER, OUT NOW!!!

split tape of 2 Richmond, VA artists. This is the first solo release from FLOOD BEAST, which is Josh Russell of DAGGERING and CAVES CAVERNS and he contributed an untitled track of killer cassette tape manipulations, swirling electronics, stabbing clang moments, rhythmic loops, noise-dub fuckery...somehow chill AND violent. BROWN PISS (Jason Hodges of Suppression, MUTWAWA, Bermuda Triangles) side is 6 tracks of stoned-out, drilling effects-pedal butchery, crank contact mics, rusty bass string distortion, and there's also a beat driven synth jam. Our good friend and collaborator BILL PORTER did the cover art!!!! I love my friends and we love you, so here's our tape...
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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I recently had the pleasure of getting to illustrate and design a T-shirt image for one of my favorite artists, CRANK STURGEON!!! He's been "cranking" out bizarre noise releases, unique live performance events, his distinctive visual art, sick contact mics and other nifty sound gadgets since the 90s!!! We collaborated together in 1998 on the SUPPRESSION with CRANK STURGEON/ MISOPSYCHIA split 7 inch and it was great to work together again via emails on this shirt design!!!!! Crank is also selling these shirts and other amazing treasures on his Etsy site. You can also order the shirts here, they come in grey or black shirts. Please specify size and color when ordering. Crank on babies!!!!!!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PCRV / BROWN PISS split tape OUT NOW!!!!!!!!

We here at C.N.P. are proud to announce our newest release, the PCRV/ BROWN PISS split tape!!! PCRV from Billings, MT is Matt Taggart, collage and noise artist extraordinaire who is also responsible for the excellent FLUXUS MONTANA label. He provides most of the images for the cover and 15 minutes of free improvised, pummeling, harsh noise that will leave blisters on your ear holes!! Plenty of low end crunch and high end sonics!!! He even donated a drop of his own blood for the inside cover art!!!! The BROWN PISS side has the rusty BP gurgle and mixes in field recorded sounds and cassette tape loops from a Henry Lee Lucas confessions tape. The front cover is a collaboration collage between the 2 artists. In total, the 2 sides result in a 30 minute, terrifying, roller coaster ride through an electronic hell-scape....sign up here:
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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Eggs In Hell from The Insomniacrobats on Vimeo.

THE INSOMNIACROBATS return with Bill Porter, once again, at the helm....this time around video remixes are the main focus with friends in Bill's orbit contributing sounds to be edited into the mix!!! Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

BERMUDA TRIANGLES "The Hive" free download of new jam

OUT NOW on the lovely FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE, we've posted the newest BTs offering, "The Hive." We've been recording a lot of improv jams in the practice space of late, this one came out really well and Bill did a great job editing this piece. Toke up, enjoy!!!