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Thursday, October 6, 2016

RECTAL PUS "Fuck Everything" cassette OUT NOW on CADAVERIZER RECORDS!!!!!

OUT NOW on CADAVERIZER RECORDS in Spain, RECTAL PUS "Fuck Everything" unreleased 1995 session!!!! I'm not sure how this recording never made it onto anything because it's now one of my favorites! 54 tracks of manic, noisecore shit, psychedelic nightmare noise, 80s/ 90s horror/ comedy samples, and a very sloppy and loose D.R.I. cover, our version being titled "Violent Masturbation." This is, unfortunately, the only recording with our friend Yvette handling some of the vocals. She totally kills it!!! The hilarious cover art was illustrated by our fallen comrade, Billdo!!! Thanks Manuel M. Cubas for releasing this material and thanks for asking because it prompted me to go through these old tapes!!! Some more unreleased recordings from 1993-1996 will surface in the coming months on both C.N.P. and CADAVERIZER!!!! "Fuck Everything" is available in the U.S.A. through C.N.P. from the link below:
Price with shipping
You can stream the entire "Fuck Everything" cassette on the CADAVERIZER site, you can also stream entire, classic, cassettes by EARWIGS, ATROFIA CEREBRAL, CANNIBALISTIC DISSECTION, EXTREME HAIR STENCH, EL KASO URKIJO, BIZARRE X/ VENTILATOR, & more!!!

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