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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"SMALL DOSES" 100 Band Compilation!!!!!!!

MUTWAWA recently appeared on this crazy 100 band compilation alongside some of our heroes, like SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA, THE EARWIGS, FACIALMESS, RUPTURE, GODSTOMPER, AGATHOCLES, CAPTAIN THREE LEG, and 92 other nutso outfits worldwide!!! Released collectively by MORTVILLE and friends!!! You should probably buy one of these....
Here's an in depth review on SORE THROAT, NAUSEA and HEADACHE site, he reviews each individual band!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES' "LIVLIVELUV" EP mentioned on IMPOSE Magazine's "Approved Theft" Column!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


OK, here's a 20 minute collection of some live BTs material from the past year and a half. "Cannibal Planet" was recorded by Silver Persinger. The "EZ Listening" songs were recorded by Steve Sanford at The Lighthouse in D.C. when we were on tour with I NEED SLEEP, the cops had busted the party so we played a quiet version of our set. We had to put towels and blankets on the drums. "Drink More Boobs" and "In The Nic Of Thyme" were recorded by Leah Peah..."Drink More Boobs" features the voices of Leah Peah, Shannon Fahey, Mike Layne, and Justin Zukowski. Both "Drink More..." and "In The Nic Of Thyme" feature Nic Creatore on extra percussion. The above photos are stills of video shot by David Baldridge in Austin, TX on 11-17-10.


1. Cannibal Planet
2. Reptilian Intervention (EZ Listening Version)
3. Drink More Boobs
4. Riddles In The Sand (EZ Listening Version)
5. In The Nic Of Thyme


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Thursday Nov. 11th @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA w/ Head Molt

Friday Nov. 12th @ Couch Couch, 380 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA w/ Buffalo Bangers, and Bird Names

Saturday Nov. 13th @ Alabama Music Box, Mobile w/ Swamp Wompus

Sunday Nov. 14th @ Allways Lounge, New Orleans, LA w/ Lovey Dovies, and Dummy Dumpster

Monday Nov. 15th @ 1816 Calumet St., Houston, TX w/
B L A C K I E, Limb, and Somosuno

Tuesday Nov. 16th @ The Shit House, San Antonio, TX

Wednesday Nov. 17th Austin, TX

Thursday Nov. 18th @ Club 1808, Austin, TX w/ Reflux Man, Unisex Bicycle, Bubbleface, Os Ovni, Lead Pipe

Friday Nov. 19th @ The Cavern, Dallas, TX

Saturday Nov. 20th @ The Dairy, Memphis, TN

Sunday Nov. 21st @ Betty's, Nashville, TN w/ Red Dawn Chong

Monday Nov. 22nd @ Thee Killing Floor, Hickory, NC w/ Projexorcism, DJ Heavy Flow, and Smell The Rott

Tuesday Nov. 23rd @ Night Light, Chapel Hill

*Above tour poster by Joe Legz. Show flyer for Austin below by Stephanie Bonham.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette OUT NOW!!!!!

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette (with instructions for digital download) is now available!!! 8 songs of electronic space-throb recorded live Aug./ Sept. 2010 in beautiful Church Hill (Richmond, VA) on one track mono. Limited to 100 copies. The first 50 copies are hand-made collage pieces designed by LEO HEINZEL (FLESH CONTROL/ FLISH RECORDS) so don't be fashionably late ordering this one!!!! "Necro Zulu" is brought to you by C.N.P., A.E.N., and FLISH!!!!!!!!!!! To sample a couple of tracks from the album go HERE and for a free download of the track "Spyra Sphinx" go HERE!!! More samples of Leo's collages below this post...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cover collages by LEO HEINZEL!!!!

MUTWAWA- Necro Zulu art by Leo Heinzel
MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette/ digital release should be out in about a week!!!! The cassettes will be limited to 100 copies and the first 40 to 50 copies will have individual collage pieces, painstakingly designed by one Mr. Leo Heinzel (FLESH CONTROL/ FLISH RECORDS), as the front cover art. Here are some samples above!!! After we sell out of these individual pieces we'll probably use copies of one or all of the above images for the remaining cassette covers.

Monday, September 6, 2010


"DADFAG are a blistering young San Francisco three-piece that has been kicking the West Coast's ass for a couple of years at house parties, warehouses, and clubs. The band members--two girls on vocals, a boy on drums--fled from the South, sweaty, bored, and sick of explaining themselves. The trio started practicing as Dadfag shortly thereafter in a borrowed practice space in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood. One year, 30 songs and 17,000 shows later, Eva Hannan, Alan Miknis, and Danielle Benson are still playing with dildos, baking pies, and making people uncomfortable."
MUTWAWA- esoteric mystics/ world radio DJs/ machete mob broadcasting live from deep below Africa appearing in the form of a local electronics duo...CAVES CAVERNS- Psychedelic FREAK OUT brain surfers intent on rendering audiences into a vibratory/ hallucinatory frenzy...start stripping.....DAVID MARIE-GARLAND is a local stand-down comedian/ psychic commando dropping soul-bending joke bombs into your unsuspecting psyche...LAST MINUTE SHOW, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- "Riddles In The Sand" video (revamped)

I revamped our old video of "Riddles In The Sand"...I replaced the demo version of the audio with the LP version + mixed in recent footage of the band filmed by Silver Persinger!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MUTWAWA "Spyra Sphinx"

The Richmond, VA based electronics duo MUTWAWA just finished recording for their upcoming cassette/ digital release entitled "Necro Zulu." It should be out by October on C.N.P. and AEN, but in the meantime here's a song off of the album called "Spyra Sphinx." Enjoy...
Brought to you by The Rat Ward and The Roach Motel...

Monday, August 9, 2010

AMOEBA MEN "Worried About Your Wiring?" CD (2009)

The Amoeba Men are a Richmond, VA based acid-soaked, art damaged, post-punk-whatever 3-piece, this is their 2nd album "Worried About Your Wiring?"
Manic and paranoid...
Recorded/ Mastered 2008/ 2009 at Etching Tin by John Chambers (Happy Birthday today John!!!!!!)
alt link
You can also get each mp3 from the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chino design
“No synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, computers, musical instruments.” Using solely effects pedals and a mixer, Philadelphia's MINCEMEAT OR TENSPEED, using the sound of the pedals themselves makes rhythmic and melodic adjustments out of a feedback circuit....one of my favorite modern "noise" artists!!!
NERO'S DAY AT DISNE(Y)LAND from Oakland, CA bring a blend of 15th century sacred music and fried electronic noise!!!! Then we have locals HEAD MOLT with their pounding brutal electronics/ black metal vocals/ and possibly the parents of DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY (post hip hop/ performance art/ designer of this show flyer!!!!!!)
******This just in, Charlottesville's RHYTHM BANDIT just got added to the bill***********************************************

Monday, June 28, 2010


...I totally left a track off of last year's SUPPRESSION "Amputated Brain Stem" discography.
I don't know how this slipped through the cracks because the original art for the song was included in the discography's insert. Space Brain. Photobucket
Anyway the song is called "Gangland Bodystack'em/ Human Fear." It originally appeared on the REALITY PART #2 compilation from 1997 on DEEP SIX RECORDS. And it is now yours, enjoy....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MUTWAWA- "Radio Machete Mob"

Richmond, VA based electronics duo featuring Gary Stevens (A.S.D./ Head Molt): effects pedals, voice, mixes; and Jason Hodges (Bermuda Triangles/ Suppression): sampler, effects, voice.

Brought to you by RAT WARD and the ROACH MOTEL.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- "Terror In The Tropics" CD (2009)

BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Terror In The Tropics" cover...smaller file.
This was the final release of BERMUDA TRIANGLES as a solo project, we were already playing shows as a 3-piece by the time I had this ready for release. The band has recreated a couple of these songs and may do one more, but this is pretty much going to be the only document of most of these tracks. There are a couple of appearances by BIG EATS who is one Bill Porter, he's actually now in the BTs.
Enjoy!!! Share with your friends!!!!!!

1. Tornado Alley
2. 2012
3. Melting Your Brains (w/ Mattress Fox, John Chambers, BIG EATS, & our pal Derek's DRUM BUDDY)
4. Terrapin (Syd Barrett cover)
5. No Proof No Truth
6. Astronomy Before Astronomy
7. 2:35 (Spacemen 3 cover)
8. Spacebrain
9. Beard Of Boils
10. Wax Lips
11. Cannibal Island
12. Lettuce Prey
13. You Win Some But You Mostly Just Lose (w/ BIG EATS)


Friday, May 21, 2010

Bermuda Triangles Live at The Triple - May 15, 2010 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

This was filmed this past weekend by Silver Persinger when BTs played with CAVES CAVERNS, VIALKA, BLAKE MIDGETTE, and TRANSISTOR HEART II. You can see videos of those performances, also filmed by Silver, right here!


WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH are from Austin, TX and will rule your ears and stomp your brains, BERMUDA TRIANGLES are on acid, FLOATING COLORS float all around the badlands of VA, _+_ is from a cabin in Manassas and may have an axe, GHOSTTYPE haunts a local Kroger, I've seen it!!!! TRANSISTOR HEART III will be spinning bizarro sounds between bands!!! 10 PM sharp!!! Don't be fashionably late or you will be fashionably sorry, we're cramming a lot of music in 4 hours so it will have to start ON TIME, cram time!!!!! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your mom...this will be a stomper...
flyer art by Stephen Palke

Monday, May 3, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- "Reptilian Intervention" LP Out Now!!!

9 song LP by BTs, Limited to 100 copies, hand-screened covers by the band, and comes with a CD of the album!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- The "Giant Squid" Demos (2009)

In February of last year we had been a band for about 6 months and we decided to record the songs we had, minus the 2 or 3 we had already chucked, so we could have something to sell the following month when we were going to Austin, TX to play this awesome BLACK FONTANELLE party. Since money, as always, was an issue we decided to record the songs ourselves on our trusty Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. We then dumped the music on Bill's computer and recorded the vocals and a couple of keyboard overdubs. We also mixed it on his computer and were not completely happy with the results. Our friend Justin Bailey then offered his mastering services for the right price, free! He, along with a couple of tips from our friend Kevin Willoughby, turned a pretty shit 4-track recording into something listenable and most certainly of demo quality. So, thus, The "Giant Squid" demo was born!!! This was recorded while we were still a 3-piece and 3 months before Sean Cassidy joined us on saxophone. So while a few of these songs appear on our upcoming "Reptilian Intervention" LP (out next week!!!), the new versions plus the newer material (all featuring Sean and all recorded by the before mentioned Kevin Willoughby) are all far superior. Subsequently, shortly after the "Giant Squid" was released we chucked a few of those songs as well as they didn't fit in with our concept of what the BTs "sound" was or was becoming. So this is for the die-hard completists if there are actually any out there...

Track list:
1. Welcome To Earth
2. Pulses Emitting From Deep Space
3. Riddles In The Sand
4. Nervous
5. The Awesome Power Of Reptilian Jaws
6. Leviathan
7. Mr. E. Mysterious
8. Human Electric
9. Sexy Mutants
10. Part Of The Stars


Friday, March 26, 2010


Richmond, VA's BERMUDA TRIANGLES and DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY creep through select cities on the east coast:

Friday April 23rd Roanoke, VA @ BAZAAR Consignments w/ Buck Gooter and AAZ.
Saturday April 24th Knoxville, TN @ BIRDHOUSE w/ I NEED SLEEP
Sunday April 25th Atlanta, GA @ EYEDRUM
Monday April 26th Charleston, SC @ OUTER SPACE
Tuesday April 27th Chapel Hill, NC @ NIGHT LIGHT w/ Juan Huevos, Dunbar & Santiago
Wednesday April 28th College Park, MD @ TREESWING HOUSE w/ Paul Joyner Band and Caves Caverns!!!
Thursday April 29th Brooklyn, NY @ GLASSLANDS w/ Human Resources, DJ Harrison, and DJ Venus X
Friday April 30th Philadelphia, PA TBA
Saturday May 1st Baltimore, MD @ RUINTOWN w/ tba

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The first time in RVA performances of FEMALE TOPICS (sax/ drums duo from Philadelphia, member of New Flesh and Human Host), TAYISHA BUSAY (electro-punk from Brooklyn), RHYTHM BANDIT (one man beat machine from Charlottesville), and locals FLESH CONTROL (every performance is a unique mystery) and DAVID MARIE-GARLAND (local stand-up comedian extraordinaire)

Monday, March 15, 2010


D.J. Renaldo
Ah, I always loved this release but almost everyone missed out on it. So here it is!!!! This is totally warped, frantic, techno-dancegasm-electronica-grindcore-booty-freak out jams from the solo projects of these two men, who also happen to be well respected drummers!!! D.J. RENALDO is one Mr. Ryan Parrish who now operates under the guise of YEARS and he is the incredible drummer of the bands DARKEST HOUR, ROPE COSMETOLOGY, and SUPPRESSION. I included a bonus track from him, the song "Fiscal Year Fandango" which appeared on the C.N.P. DVD but the audio was never "officially" released. Plus it's one of my fave Renaldo tracks! PARTYMAN is young Mr. Alex Tomlin, drummer extraordinaire for BATTLEMASTER and LA MERE VIPERE, his material on this release is the more hectic-paced of the two...to say the least. I have a feeling you folks will have fun with this one!!! I'm sure they had fun making these soundsss...alone in their rooms, late at night, on their computers, eating sandwiches. Freaks. Enjoy!!!

1. Deathrave2k4
2. Simply Shit Yes
3. Evening At Huckertons
4. Blernst!
5. Matrix Fans Go Home
6. Boxwine Dreams
7. Perm Derby
8. Dirty Breakfast Children

D.J. RENANLDO "This Thing Reads Like Stereo Instructions"
9. The Pathway To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
10. Dance In My Pants
11. Indorella
12. The Different Seasons In Clown Town
13. It's A Shame We're All So Confused
14. Be Aware Of Them Without Understanding Them
15. An After Bar Philosophizer
bonus track:
16. Fiscal Year Fandango

Monday, March 1, 2010


New killer flyer design by our pal JOE LEGS...
The return of SATANIZED from Philadelphia whose 'Voivod on crack' delivery of noise-rock/ metal/ whatever will most certainly melt your brains, and then your brains will be scooped up and forced to gloop about to the rhythmic pounding of locals SNACK TRUCK and BERMUDA TRIANGLES, then finally your brains will be pummeled into non-existence by HEAD MOLT (local scum-noise duo!!!!!!) So let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- "Reptilian Intervention" video

Filmed by Silver Persinger, Leah Peah, Sean Cassidy, and Jason Hodges. Edited by Jason Hodges. This song will appear on the upcoming BERMUDA TRIANGLES full length LP out in late March 2010.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

LA MERE VIPERE "Final Audit Of Mammon" new album for free download!!!!

La Mere Vipere
Brand new album by LA MERE VIPERE, they were kind enough to give it away!!!

1. Second Testament
2. Translucent Skull
3. Narcotic Feather
4. Vichy
5. Synthetic Muslim
6. Bloodless Pharaoh
7. Gallows Cheats
8. First Command
9. Survivor's Guilt
10. Omar


Monday, February 1, 2010

SUPPRESSION- "Cowboys From Yale" mp3

The song "Cowboys From Yale" is from SUPPRESSION's upcoming album, "Alliance Of Concerned Men." Get it HERE!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES play their first weekend show locally in a very loooonng time....joining them are freaks in arms, locals, SPIRITFINGERS, BUCK GOOTER from Harrisonburg, and WILLIAM WESLEY and the TINY SOCKETS from somewhere in the rolling hills of VA!!!!! Hang on to your brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BERMUDA TRIANGLES just posted a free mp3 download of their new song "Bloo" off of their upcoming LP entitled "Reptilian Intervention" out in late March!!! Get the song here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

NEW JOE LEGS FLYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Legs art
Ladys In Noyz: LEAH PEAH (local member of HEAD MOLT) and MARLO EGGPLANT (from Olympia, WA) along with North Carolinian experimental popsters VEELEE (2-piece from Carrboro, NC...ex member of local-ish duo OPENING FLOWER HAPPY BIRD) and GROSS GHOST (from Raleigh!!) This flyer designed by the amazing JOE LEGS!!!! (link to the right)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Download of the classic THREE BEAN SALAD V/A compilation cassette (1997) on MORTVILLE blog!!!!

three bean salad
In 1997 RECTAL PUS a.k.a. PUS DEL RECTO (the premiere C.N.P. band) appeared on the THREE BEAN SALAD compilation on EVINRUDE PRODUCTIONS, now known as MORTVILLE. We had the honor of appearing along with some of our favorite bands at the time, such as: SCROUNGERS, GONKULATOR, THE EARWIGS, the mighty SOCKEYE, DECHE-CHARGE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, and many others!!!
Available HERE!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

HOLY SHEET (From Olneyville, Rhode Island), CAVES CAVERNS and BERMUDA TRIANGLES will take you higher...
@ The Triple, 3306 W Broad St., Richmond, VA

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RECTAL PUS a.k.a. PUS DEL RECTO "Mr. T's Nudist Colony" 7 inch (1995)

 photo 300x300_zps2hqehckj.jpgO.K. Rectal Pus formed in 1992 and existed simultaneously alongside Suppression, both bands had similar members. Our demo tape, "Fuck Roanoke," actually was released before the Suppression demo and it was kinda horrible in an endearing kinda way. It was blown out, boom box recorded noise-core in the vein of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, etc. but most of our "lyrics" (ha ha ha) were just completely ridiculous and childish. The only sounds that were coherent were the Cheech and Chong/ Revenge Of The Nerds samples. Well, in 1995, after 2 unlistenable tape releases and a couple of decent 4-track recordings, Scotty Pus (our guitarist and 4-track engineer extraordinaire) thought it would be fun to do a record in a real studio. So we booked studio time at Southwest Recording Studios, where Suppression had done all of our recordings. We loaded up on cheap beer and some other substances only known to natives of southwest Virginia...and it was fun!!! The entire recording was improv, except for a couple of Sore Throat/ Rupture parodies and a terrible version of Eddie Grant's "Electric Avenue." The only actual songs were done on 4-track and are the last 3 tracks on the record, which have more of a straight up fast hardcore style to them. The line-up on this record was: Jason Hodges (myself) a.k.a. Weird Stan (Suppression, Bermuda Triangles, Amoeba Men)- drums/ vox; Scotty Pus (Appalachian Autonomous Zone)- guitar; Dave Austin a.k.a. Howard The Fuck (original singer of Suppression)- drums/ vox; Bill Porter a.k.a. Bill Prick (Big Eats, Bermuda Triangles, Idi Amin, Hallelujah!)- tape machine/ bass; and Bill Mahone a.k.a. Billdo (original "noise" guy in Suppression)- vocals. This was released on Chaotic Noise Productions (now C.N.P.) and Weather Profuktions (Bill's label at the time) but Scotty Pus actually paid for everything. It's a pretty fun ride if you keep telling yourself it doesn't suck. Enjoy!!!!

1. SIDE A- Scotty's Head...The Final Chaper/ Tennis Anyone?/ Backflip Barf Blast/ Rocky Mount Liquor/ Rocky Mount Liquor- extended version/ Out To Destroy Our Scene With Random Acts Of Idiocy/ Waterpick In The Gall Bladder Of Henry Rollins/ Ode To Chuck/ Bill's Shit Throwing Experience/ Pop Punk Is Horrendous/ Slice Open The Bunghole Of A Nazi/ Ballad Of Green Day and The Punk Fashion Revolution/ Mommy, Can I Have Money For The Show And A New Pair Of Doc Martens?/ Jive Turkey/ B Is For Butthole- parody of Rupture's "A Is For Asshole"

2. SIDE B- Do The Anal/ Join The Navy- parody of Sore Throat's "Join The Army"/ Lynch The Meat Shits/ 6 A.M./ Hold Up A Bank With A Full Colostomy Bag/ Electric Avenue (Eddie Grant)/ C.O.C. (Crusade Of Cockrock)/ Kill 90210/ Rectal Pus= Satan