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Sunday, May 23, 2010

BERMUDA TRIANGLES- "Terror In The Tropics" CD (2009)

BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Terror In The Tropics" cover...smaller file.
This was the final release of BERMUDA TRIANGLES as a solo project, we were already playing shows as a 3-piece by the time I had this ready for release. The band has recreated a couple of these songs and may do one more, but this is pretty much going to be the only document of most of these tracks. There are a couple of appearances by BIG EATS who is one Bill Porter, he's actually now in the BTs.
Enjoy!!! Share with your friends!!!!!!

1. Tornado Alley
2. 2012
3. Melting Your Brains (w/ Mattress Fox, John Chambers, BIG EATS, & our pal Derek's DRUM BUDDY)
4. Terrapin (Syd Barrett cover)
5. No Proof No Truth
6. Astronomy Before Astronomy
7. 2:35 (Spacemen 3 cover)
8. Spacebrain
9. Beard Of Boils
10. Wax Lips
11. Cannibal Island
12. Lettuce Prey
13. You Win Some But You Mostly Just Lose (w/ BIG EATS)