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Monday, March 30, 2015

SUPPRESSION "Rats In The Control Room" design now available on Black shirts!!!!

OK I finally made this one available on black shirts!!! I had to make a new screen with an inverse image for this one. Please specify size. Sorry it's so expensive for overseas orders but shipping is out of control these days.... Surprise shirt design coming later this week of a totally legendary noise artist, illustrated by yours truly!!!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

AUDIO TERRORISM compilation cassette from 1994 (CNP-6)

I'm very excited about this one!!! I started to digitize this a month ago, only getting as far as the 7MON and Suppression tracks, and just couldn't find the time to get back to it. Fortunately, through the kind efforts of CHARLES DOUGLAS HOFFMAN who appears on this as GOK, the original AUDIO TERRORISM cassette compilation is now available for everyone to enjoy!!! Not to be confused with the 1998 CD compilation entitled: "AUDIO TERRORISM: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility" that we co-released with SATAN'S PIMP and HEARTPLUG. No, this one was the first compilation I ever compiled in the very early stages of C.N.P. I put this one together from my bedroom in 1994 through letter writing and tape trading with my new friends from all over the world. And it was a glorious time indeed!!! This one has so many of my favorite bands/ projects, I was completely amazed at some of the greats who agreed to send me a track or tracks!!! The full track-listing can be found here on DISCOGS. There are 121 tracks in 90 minutes!! Appearing on the compilation, in this order, are: GENITAL MASTICATOR, KISSES AND HUGS, SHADOWED VEIL, ENEMY SOIL, NOISE WASTE, JERMFLUX, EXTREME HAIR STENCH, SUPPRESSION, L.O.C., STARVED AND DELIRIOUS, FECEL-CIDE a.k.a. PERSONASNONGRATAS, ANATOMICAL CONSUMPTION, CESS GARGLE, RECTAL PUS, PILE OF EGGS, JUST KIDS, GRUNT, RABIA, COLLOID, MAD RECITAL, ENEMA SYRINGE, SPAZZ, JAUNDICE, SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA, ARSESLAUGHTER, GOK, SON OF DOG, CLITORIS TRAFFICKER, EXPENDABLE CITIZEN, THINKSHIT, TRACI LORDS LOVES NOISE, DISCORDANCE AXIS, MATERIA ORGANICA, SONIC DISORDER & MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR, MAKE IT STOP, BUTTHOLE LIPS, ATROFIA CEREBRAL, GLAUCOMA, AUDICION IRRITABLE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, & JANGLE!! Whew!!!! Thanks again, CHUCK HOFFMAN, for tackling this monumental task!!! It is greatly appreciated!! You can download all of this madness in MP3 format HERE!!!!!!!! Chuck's notes on this rip: "This is ripped & scanned from my well-loved copy so forgive the coffee stains and highlighter all over the cover. The tape has no damage and still sounds great considering. I didn't do any cleanup or hiss reduction but I did edit out pause-button clicks and space between tracks and bump the volume up by varying amounts to try to mitigate the high variation between the various contributions." It's also available in FLAC, HERE!!!!