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Thursday, December 8, 2016

"LAZY BASTARDS" Compilation cassette, international noisecore insanity

OUT NOW ON R.O.N.F. Records (Spain)LAZY BASTARDS cassette compilation, c-60 with: Adolf Shitter, Reeking Cross, Menso Noise, Harsh Supplement, Energumeno, Uddercock, Morte Lenta, Captain 3 Leg, Unpeace, Ataque Demencial, Grinder Bueno, Chappa'ai, Suppression, Napalm Death Is Dead, Hades Mining Co., Cacasonica, Pissdeads, Malad, Sedem Minut Strachu, Feral Squat, Deathwank, Cunts. This thing is so fucking good!!! Cheers to Manuel M. Cubas and all of the bands!!! Physical, cassette copies can be obtained through us from the link below!!! We're keeping the price low since R.O.N.F. has it available for trades only and we really just want to spread this sickness!!! The, always awesome, CAPTAIN THREE LEG has it available for download, the complete artwork is included so folks are encouraged to print a cover and dub their own copy. They're also selling physical, cassette copies as well.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

BERMUDA TRIANGLES - "Colder War" Video

Filmed at "The Hive" and edited by Bill Porter.