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Saturday, June 22, 2013


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Starting today this blog will be the primary web presence for C.N.P. Records and to kick it off we're going to have a sale of some of our classic CD and vinyl releases. LPs are $6 postpaid, CDs are $5 ppd, and 7 inch records are $3 ppd. We're practically giving this shit away!!! Plus I need room in my closet for upcoming releases...there will be some sick releases on C.N.P. and friend's labels this summer and fall from MUTWAWA, SUPPRESSION, and BERMUDA TRIANGLES!!! A couple are splits so there will some other freaks in the mix....

BERMUDA TRIANGLES "Reptilian Intervention" LP cnpr-19 (2010) 9 songs, hand screen-printed covers by the band. An early document of BTs blueprints at percussive, world-music, post-punk...and a very accurate capturing in the studio of their live sound at the time!!
"KILLER WORKOUT MIX" compilation CD cnpr-16 (2008) This is one of our proudest releases that no one's heard...it includes an unreleased (and one of my favorite of hers) TICKLEY FEATHER track, BERMUDA TRIANGLES, HALLELUJAH!, DAMNED HUMAN RACE, THE YES SIRS, HO-AX, NARWHALZ, LA MERE VIPERE, AMOEBA MEN, SHAMS, BIG EATS, MAGIC JEWELS, OPENING FLOWER HAPPY BIRD, LEPER COLONY, ADULT MOAN, MOTHER FALCON, YOKO BONER, D.J. RENALDO, MOUNTAIN HUSBAND, BUCK GOOTER, SILVER NINJAS, WIGGER MOM, SUPPRESSION, [man speaking chinese], and INSOMNIACROBATS!!! A total bizarre, nightmarish hell-scape of sounds and a strange document of the time....
SUPPRESSION "Amputated Brain Stem" CD 1993-2000 Discography cnpr-15 (2008) 64 tracks, includes their material from splits with legends in the game DESPISE YOU, GRIEF, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, DAHMER, and MISOPSYCHIA!!! Also includes all of the compilation tracks from the era, collaborations with CRANK STURGEON and FACIALMESS, plus some unreleased "gems!" SOLD OUT!!!!! Still available digitally here TICKLEY FEATHER/ BERMUDA TRIANGLES split 7 inch cnpr-12 (2007) It was a fine moment indeed, an honor if you will, to release this one...we're big Tickley Feather fans around here and to have her on C.N.P. wax? fuck yeah!!! What you get here is TFs mastery of weirdo, outsider-pop and BTs as a solo creep in a bedroom...
THE YES SIRS "Dos Locos" LP cnpr-10 (2006) The duo of Adam Perry (P.C.P. Roadblock/ Enemy Soil) and Jason Hodges (BTs/ Suppression/ MUTWAWA) started here in Richmond, VA where some of this was recorded and ended as "through the U.S. Postal Service" bi-coastal collaborations. Which is how the rest of these songs were documented. Stand-up drum kit/ murder-drums meets junk electronics and percussion with paranoiac vocal yelps and commands....red vinyl and the covers were screen-printed on black DJ style sleeves.
THE AMOEBA MEN "Enter:" 7 inch cnpr-6 (2004) 1st recorded document of this now defunct Richmond 3-piece. 3 tracks: the dance-throb post-punk of 'Shit-Tubes,' the Six Finger Satellite worship of 'Clone,' and the bizarre noise-country of 'Lonesome Buckaroo.' An odd piece o' wax...

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