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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LUGWEIGHT "Dealer" cassette OUT NOW!!!!

60 minutes of crushing, heavy as fuck, trance inducing, guitar-driven dirge and tape manipulations, with a fucking ghost on vocals!!! LUGWEIGHT is Eric Benson from Brooklyn, NY...we became friends when he lived in here in Richmond, VA. He has been missed in these parts so I am beyond stoked to have "Dealer" now available on C.N.P. This release in Eric's words: “DEALER is an open letter to those who choose to distribute hard drugs for personal gain from the voice of a drug addict. It is an experiment in overexposure to drugs and drug-use. The backing tracks are derived from cassette tapes that were buried in close vicinity to places where crack-cocaine and heroin are bought, sold, and used. This is a relationship where every active party fails. The user’s attempts at portraying helplessness, depression, anxiety and nihilism often stay hidden in the shadows where my tapes were buried. The dealer - the vessel, says nothing and collects no matter the cost. My basic synopsis has become that the entire process is not fringe or dark but instead displays complete normalcy in today's society. These are the paths that most everyone chooses from, the patron or the store; the dealer or the user. The best way to display your hatred and discomfort is to be neither. Long live the observer. I have become a third party and I have failed to write about it efficiently. It may never be put into words properly. I have made this recording as an attempt to document it.” art by Ian McColm and Eric Benson. You can order the 60 minute cassette here:
Price with shipping
Digital version can be found HERE!!!

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