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Thursday, January 15, 2015

FACIALMESS/ BROWN PISS split cassette OUT NOW!!!! (cnpr-31)

We're honored to be releasing this split tape with Japan's FACIALMESS (Kenny Sanderson) and it's fitting that the split is with Richmond, VA's BROWN PISS (Jason Hodges) as the two collaborated on the SUPPRESSION with FACIALMESS 7 inch on Clean Plate Records back in 1998 and in 2013 The FACIALMESS "MUTWAWA MESS-UPS" for GRINDCORE KARAOKE!!! Now the two deliver this disgusting C-47 with over 20 minutes from each artist! Facialmess contributed 2 top notch tracks of his trademark, pulverizing, cut-up wizardry on these 2 choice noise-bangers!!! BP side is rusty, chunky, and smells like a bloody jock-strap mixed with sci-fi synth pulse. Black and white glossy covers designed by Brown Piss and Facialmess. White cassettes with stickers.
Price with shipping
Digital copies for the non-tapers here!!!!!

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