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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Damn, there's so much happening this month we've already had some shows that won't make this post, but for the rest of June, here goes:
Mon. June 11th @ The Nile: Little Howlin' Wolf, Nervous Ticks, Wild Child (Minneapolis), and Bermuda Triangles.

Tue. June 12th @ Strange Matter: Little Howlin' Wolf, Vimanum (D.C.), Caves Caverns, and Mutwawa.

Thur. June 14th @ The Nile: Sediment Club (NYC), Bob Crusoe, and Mutwawa.

Sat. June 16th SUMMER SOLSTICE POWER JAM @ Belle Isle Power Plant, A free and unplugged show featuring: Nervous Ticks, The Mothball Fleet, Tyrannosaurus Awesome, Bermuda Triangles, The Milkstains, Paul Ivey & The Rubes, The Garbers, Peace Beast, Diamond Center, Broken Pony, Black Liquid, and Herro Sugar. NOON.

Mon. June 18th @ The Nile: LED ER EST, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, and awawtuM.

Tue. June 19th @ Strange Matter: Stillsuit (Oakland), Jabby (Philadelphia), Geordi La Korg, and La Lorrona.

Fri. June 22nd @ Strange Matter: Lost Tribe, Bootblacks (NYC), Hot Guts (Philly), and Bermuda Triangles.

Thur. June 28th @ Gallery 5: Suppression, Street Pizza

Sat. June 30th and Sun. July 1st/ to end this month and to kick off the next we have Gary Stevens' Holy Fuck of a 2 day event, THE RVA NOISE FEST!!! It's going to be at Strange Matter, the line-up is on this flyer below that was designed by Joe Legz!!!!Photobucket

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